Death rates from cancer will fall in Australasian countries and Russia in 2018: researchers call for urgent measures on tobacco control, especially in Russia

Researchers predict that death rates from cancer will fall in 2018 in Australasian countries and in Russia. However, a greater proportion of the population will die in Russia from the disease than in any of the other countries, mainly because of the large numbers of men who still smoke. In a study published in the […]

Too much or too little sleep linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease and death

The amount of time you sleep, including daytime naps, is linked to your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and death, according to a study of over 116,000 people in seven regions of the world, published in the European Heart Journal [1]. The researchers found that people who slept for longer than the recommended duration of […]

Chemicals in personal care and household products linked to earlier puberty in girls

Chemicals that are widely used in personal care and household products are linked to girls entering puberty at earlier ages, according to findings from a long-running study of mothers and children. The study in Human Reproduction [1], one of the world’s leading reproductive medicine journals, found that chemicals such as phthalates, parabens and phenols were […]

Baby’s first cold can last longer depending on nose-dwelling bacteria

New research on the types of bacteria living in babies’ noses could offer clues as to why some recover quickly from their first cough or cold, while others suffer for longer. The study, published in ERJ Open Research, suggests that babies who have a wide variety of different bacteria living in their noses tend to […]

Endurance but not resistance training has anti-aging effects

Researchers have discovered evidence that endurance exercise, such as running, swimming, cross-country skiing and cycling, will help you age better than resistance exercise, which involves strength training with weights. In a study published in the European Heart Journal [1], researchers in Germany looked at the effects of three types of exercise – endurance training, high […]

Exposure to e-cigarette adverts linked to teenagers using e-cigarettes and smoking

The more often adolescents say they have seen adverts for e-cigarettes, the more often they use both e-cigarettes and smoke tobacco cigarettes, according to a study published in ERJ Open Research. The study took place in Germany, where regulations around tobacco and e-cigarettes advertising are more permissive than in other parts of Europe. Elsewhere there […]

Residual inflammation risk affects outcomes in patients after percutaneous coronary intervention

Patients who have persistently high levels of inflammation following percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) for coronary artery disease are significantly more likely to die from any cause or to have a heart attack within a year, according to a study of 7,026 patients published in the European Heart Journal [1]. Residual inflammatory risk (RIR) refers to […]

Bullying and violence at work increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

People who are bullied at work or experience violence at work are at higher risk of heart and brain blood vessel problems, including heart attacks and stroke, according to the largest prospective study to investigate the link, which is published in the European Heart Journal [1]. Although the study is observational and, therefore, cannot show […]

Patients with rare, incurable digestive tract cancers respond to new drug combination

Dublin, Ireland: Patients with rare, but incurable cancers of the digestive tract have responded well to a combination of two drugs that block the MEK and BRAF pathways, which drive the disease in some cases. They have survived for longer without the disease progressing than the usual average time of less than five months, even […]