RiceMasonNoble provides help and consultancy to international, European, and national scientific organisations, conferences and journals in the following fields:

Press releases

The development and distribution of news releases on original research arising from conference presentations and/or academic papers.

Press offices

The set-up and on-site organisation of press offices for medical/scientific conferences.

Press conferences

The organisation of press conferences on new scientific findings.


Advice on how best to communicate complex science to the media and public, as well as general advice on dealing with the media.

Writing and editing

Producing clear, engaging new stories, blog posts, case studies and newsletters on science, health and technology topics.

Strategy development

The development of strategies to help explain and put into context issues likely to provoke controversy, either scientific or ethical.

Public affairs

Advice on public affairs and how best to present issues to politicians and other policymakers.

Media programmes

Audit of the management of media programmes at scientific conferences and meetings, and advice on ways to improve the services provided to the media in order to ensure that the organisation’s profile is maximised.