Important message for journalists about reorganisation of our media databases

We are re-organising our media databases for 2011 to ensure that: a) they only include journalists who want to be on them, b) that you are receiving information on the areas you are interested in, and c) everyone who is on our databases has agreed to abide by our embargoes.

We have emailed all our contacts about this and it is important that you reply to this email because if you do not, we will be unable to add you to our new database and so you will cease to receive our press releases and other information about conferences etc. If you have not received the email, you can email us directly, answering the questions below:


1) Do you still wish to be included on media databases to receive our press releases? (If not, please ignore subsequent questions).

2) If so, do you agree to abide by our embargoes?

3) Please indicate (yes/no) which diseases/areas you would like to receive information on (if all, then just say “all”):

  • Cancer
  • specialist cancer stories (i.e. ones that are of more interest to specialist cancer journalists rather than the general media)
  • cardiology
  • fertility
  • genetics
  • rheumatology
  • brain
  • pharmaceuticals
  • anaesthesia
  • epidemiology
  • behavioural ecology
  • infectious diseases
  • alcohol

4) Please give your preferred email address.

5) Please specify the following:

  • your company:-
  • your job title:-
  • your work address:-
  • your telephone and mobile phone numbers:-

Thank you.